What My Clients Say

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Sarah Rachel has redefined the art of massage therapy with her exquisite deep tissue massage. She is very knowledgeable about the body’s muscular system. I highly recommend her massage therapy session for people who do sports, as well as anyone who wants to spend a relaxing hour under her expert touch. I feel so good, my massage was very relaxing. I can’t wait for my next massage! Thanks a million to Sarah Rachel!

D.~Chapel Hill, NC

    In November 2011, I was diagnosed by a local doctor, as having a condition with my rotator cuff, shoulder adhesive capsulitis and limited range of motion. There was tension in my cervicals, trapezius; paraspinalus muscles. 

I started massage therapy with Sarah Rachel. After just a few massages, the tension decreased tremendously, and now I have full range of motion in both of my shoulders, no discomfort, it’s hard for me to feel the tension that was bothering me.

    Sarah Rachel is an exceptional massage therapist and is naturally gifted. I had 8 additional 90 minutes massage therapy sessions, once a week. I am grateful for her contribution to my health. And, what a blessing it has been for me!

Dr. A. Narula,

Narula Research~Chapel Hill, NC                                                                                                              

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