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Peppermint relieves muscle & joint pain:

Top 15 Peppermint Oil Uses and Benefits for Gut Health, Headaches & More

Tis’ the Season! In Ayurveda we think about the seasons, during the Wintertime, the body needs the most moisture, it’s dryer at this time. Have peppermint for the holidays: Drink organic peppermint tea, sit in a bath soak with peppermint essential oil & organic olive oil. Mix peppermint essential oil, lavender oil, clary sage, rosemary essential oil with organic olive oil for a hair & head face & neck oil, apply & leave on for the day. Apply to bottom soles of feet & voila your feet quickly absorb this sensational oil. Rinse at end of day & let it be invigorating.

Full bodymassage includes massage work on: Head face and neck, arms, legs, flip over, back legs and feet.

We use draping on the massage table.

If you prefer a chair massage, fully clothes sitting, try a chair massage.

Before and after your sports routine, you can schedule a massage, before and after your running race, warm up with a massage, and cool down with a massage!

Have a family massage where each one in your family gets massage.

For health maintenance, pain management, speeding up healing, a simple basic self care technique you can do at home, called grounding, earthing is important, see above video by Dr. Laura Koniver, MD.

Practice 5-20 min. of grounding, earthing each day and feel better fast, try it and see for yourself, notice a difference the next day. Grounding, earthing is important like breathing! Especially in this high tech world, we need to ground, just like people feel the need to charge their cellphones every day, we humans need to charge ourselves by connecting, touching the earth each day!

Link: Rosewater Aromatherapy Benefits:

Please read Dr. Laura Koniver, Intuition Physician blogs on help with grounding:



We’re open! Get your massage therapy session here!!!

Tapping Solution: A great self care technique for home.

Here is a Medical Massage Technique, Acid Reflux Massage, GERD Massage by Dr. John Douillard:

Happy Summer Solstice! We’re open! Come and get a massage! Relax and renew.

Spring has sprung! Self care is important, relax at home, do stretches each day, and aerobic activity to pump the heart.

Happy Autumn!

        Get pain relief fast by removing EMF and RF sources. Create a bubble, sleep bubble, of relaxation around your sleep room. Don’t let electromagnetic fields or radiation fields interrupt your sleep, this can cause inflammation which can cause mysterious pains. Do you have mysterious pains? It can be from wireless radiation. Is your eyesight blurry, do you have unexplained blurry vision? It can be from wireless radiation, and or LED lights. Do you have any health obstacles and you want to heal fast? Did you know that cellphone radiation causes inflammation? Yes, everything next to it gets heated. Using your cellphone 24-7 with no breaks, is not good, take lots of breaks away from cellphone radiation, and if you can’t take breaks, at least give yourself 8 hours of a break while you sleep, the most important time when your body tries to heal is night time when you are sleeping, your cells can renew and regenerate themselves to be able to heal. Your body is electrical and can not be interupted by other electrical currents in order to heal properly. Unplug plugs in the sleeping room, don’t sleep with a cellphone in the same room, use a small battery operated clock for an alarm clock, but set it away from where you sleep, across the room.

Don’t sleep next to any plugged in items next to you. Try keeping your cellphone as far from the sleep room, I usually say to take the battery out of the cellphone, we have a cellphone with a removable battery. Or if you have to have a cellphone without a removable battery, keep it in your car if your car is parked at the end of the driveway and have it turned off.

Try this for 2 weeks, and see if you notice a difference, if this relieves your mysterious pains. You can improve your quality sleep this way, as well as improving eyesight. Massage could help with pain management but also along with creating an electrosensitive and relaxing environment. Another thing is removing any satellite radio, bluetooth, wireless from vehicle and from home. In a basic vehicle it can be removed and replace with a radio that doesn’t have the satellite.

Turn the home in to a no wireless zone and get ethernet cable to wire your computers and or turn the router off at night before you go to sleep. It is important for you to get a quality good night sleep. This is how your body can have a chance to rejuvenate, heal and renew. This way your massage therapy session will be more effective. Reserve an overall massage session and you will be all set.

Join my Less EMF-Electromagnetic fields, Less RF-Radiofrequencies support page:

Post Partum, Post-natal Care is important. After your pregnancy you want to restore your body, maybe your health practitioner mentioned to take hot bath soaks, but in addition, heat compresses work. 15 min. ice, then alternate with heat. Make sure use ice first. A couple months post- natal especially try heat compresses following the ice. Place right on the lower back, quadratus lumborum before and after a massage therapy treatment, heat compresses will work wonders. Epsom salt soaks are helpful to relieve tension.

Spring is in the air~Treat Yourself To A Massage Today

The more massage therapy you get, the easier your body’s response system relaxes. Let stress and tension melt away. Treat yourself to a massage today, relax and renew.

Buy 9 massages~get your 10th session free!

Repetitive Muscle Overuse? Naturally start your Spring with Massage Therapy!

Sitting at your desk or car for long hours? Repetitive muscle over use occurs when using the same muscles again and again. Don’t wait until it’s too much. The other muscles will overcompensate and may cause stress, pain, or injury after long periods of time.
Time to take a break and relax with massage therapy today!
Massage Therapy for your whole body increases your energy and overall wellness naturally! Enjoy your Spring with a regular massage once a week, or at least once a month to relieve pressure; and help keep you in optimal health.

Feel Good In Your Body Again~ Massage Therapy for stress reduction

Relax and renew, get massage to reduce stress. Full body massage includes head, face and neck, arms, legs, back, legs and feet. Overall massage for overall relaxation. Start your Spring right with massage therapy.

Back or stomach pain? Get an abdominal Massage. Working on the abdominals can help your back as well. A special focus on the abdominals helps to improve digestion function. This includes massage work on the Oblique muscles, and the Serratus Anterior breathing muscles.
Get an abdominal massage today!

Ultimate Relaxation~the more you get massage, the easier it is to relax!

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