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60 minute session

90 minute session



handheart (1) Deep Tissue~ Deep work massage energizes and increases circulation.

handheart (1) Sports Massage~ Fast paced deep work massage.

handheart (1) Swedish Massage~ Relaxing massage

handheart (1) Reiki~ Light energy work.

handheart (1) Trigger Point Therapy~ Satellite knots in the body causing pain can be released. The body produces cortisone naturally through this therapy. This safe technique is very effective for chronic pain relief.

handheart (1) Tui-Na Medical Massage~ Massage used in Chinese medicine based on the principles of yin-yang, the five elements, and a meridien view of the body. Using percussion, brushing, knead, rolling and pressing encourages free flow of qi by manipulating the joints, viscera, and soft tissue.

handheart (1) Hot Stones Massage~ True basalt stones are heated in a bath of warm water and a calming blend of aromatherapy oils, then placed over your body’s energy points. The stones’ warmth and properties are used to promote wellness. Another set of warm stones are used for a deeply relaxing Swedish Massage.

handheart (1) Mothers Massage, Pregnancy Massage~  A special massage designed for the mother -to- be or postnatal massage for the new mother. Reduces the aches and pains from pre-and post-natal changes. Relaxing for the baby too! You are welcome to bring babies to the massage with caretaker.

handheart (1) Abdominal Massage~ Special focus on stomach to improve digestion function.

handheart (1) Polarity, Cranio Sacral Massage~ This massage is without a lot of movement. Increasing cerebral spinal fluid flow allows the body to release holding patterns, heal trauma; therefore allowing the body to reset itself.

handheart (1) Chair Massage~ Head, Neck, & Shoulders with Back. A focused and relaxing head, neck, shoulders, and back massage for those on the go. Take 60 minutes from your day to relax or energize.

handheart (1) Sound Therapy Massage~ Using Tibetan sound bowls placed on the body. The sound bowls send the vibrational sound waves that travel deeply throughout the body. This can help release energy blockages in body, together with mind and spirit.

handheart (1) Aromatherapy Massage~ Rosewater Massage, Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary, Ginger Root, Grapefruit, Orange, Tea Tree, Bergamot, or Sandalwood. Custom mix of essential oils for relaxing or energizing massage.

handheart (1) Foot Bath with chairmassage~ Foot Spa, foot care. Relax with a foot bath,  feet soak  with epsom salts and or essential oils. 15 minute foot soak, foot massage with 45 minute chair massage.

handheart (1) Foot Massage~ Special focus on feet using acupressure and reflexology.

handheart (1) Infant Massage~ 30 min.-60 min. gentle massage using organic jojoba oil for baby encourages parent bonding through eye-to-eye contact, smiling, soothing vocal sounds, loving touch, a good oportunity for bonding.

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