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Plants have energetic healing intelligence! The intelligence of herbs and plants are amazing and help us heal naturally. I enjoy helping others heal on their path of wellness, providing health information from personal experience. I strive to provide the most helpful information for you so you can utilize this to help you boost your healt. I am a Root cause health coach, an Integrative Health Coach that can suggest certain herbs and natural supplements. I have experience researching natural supplements and herbs, reading supplement articles and speaking with nutritionists and herbalists. I read, research and follow Dr. Axe who has a functional medicine center, provides functional medicine.

The overuse of pharmaceuticals have side effects and are overprescribed, overused. Instead we use simple herbs and supplements for used short term, and see incredible results in a short amount of time, and overcome long term health issues achieving great health solutions, get back to balance long term. My job as coach is not just to reassure you that you can take control of your health, but I have been perservering my self health goals and achieved great results that are beyond limitations, I can now go back to running half marathons, personally. I can share my knowledge and make a plan to help overcome your health obstacles, get you off the big pharma train, back on track, nip it in the bud.

Reclaim Your Health

I like to help clients heal by sharing alternative natural supplement and herbal medicine information, articles. Instead of pharmaceuticals for chronic or acute symptoms, conditions, use herbs or supplements that are more nurturing long term. You can not gain energy from something that is not alive or once alive, you can only gain energy from something that has energy, so only ingest food & supplements that were once alive, or alive. Do this and you will gain more energy.

Non-GMO products, certified organic products are the best, upmost energetically healing products.

In nature, a bee has lots of energy, and buzzes, flies to go to find the best flower, the flower with the most energy to provide the nectar with the most energy so it can keep buzzing.

With gratitude, I find that plants have natural healing remedies. I have personal experience using herbs to heal. I have used detox herbal drinks to heal the body. Herbs nurture the body. Spices each day can give plenty of nutritional value to a meal.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~Hippocrates

There are herbal benefits and some or minimal side effects, some herbs lower blood pressure, or lower potassium levels. For example, dandelion is really beneficial taken short term, but taken long term can slow down digestion.

There is an order of operations, if trying to get rid of heavy metals, chelation, there are benefits by taking chlorella, a binder derived from seaweed, modified citrus pectin, is another binder derived from pears. Mold, candida, an overgrowth of yeast can not be ridden from the body without detoxing the heavy metals first, and parasites need to be removed from system before candida, mold can be detoxed. After mold is in the process of clearing, the biofilm is clearing, then digestion may need a boost, acid reflux can be healed. A Digestive Enzyme with papain-papaya, and bromelain- pineapple is important and helpful taken at the same time as Betaine HCL with Pepsin can help restore if a person has low acidity, low stomach acid, and the PH Levels need to be balanced. Try to reverse low stomach acid. Stomach acid is the most important thing in the body. There is no test to see amounts of stomach acid and is commonly neglected, needs more focus on this for overall body health. Also the body’s stomach acid decreases with age, so over age 40, Betaine HCL with Pepsin can be taken for maintenance.

The pillows need to be raised at bed time to provide comfort and you can have quality sleep again. You don’t want to be having to rely on these supplements and herbs. Taking them 2 weeks to get your boost you need, then 2 weeks off, so that is 2 weeks on, then 2 weeks break, until finally you can say you are better. We will begin to see the power of healing, the body has the ability to heal on it’s own.

I can help with a heavy metal cleanse, mold & fungus candida-yeast cleanse, parasite cleanse, (parasites are hard, a challenge to get rid of) oxidative stress cleanse-digestion cleanse, bacteria cleanse, and liver support-liver cleanse.

A liver support-liver cleanse contains 3 important herbs taken at the same time, all together to work synergistically: turmeric, dandelion, and milk thistle.

Another liver cleanse is drinking lemonjuice with olive oil for 1 month on an empty stomach.

Try eating one fresh beet a day, or drink organic beet juice each day for 3 months to help cleanse the liver and gallbladder:

Digestive enzymes are okay taken short term. Dr. John Douillard, is an Ayurvedic and Sports Medicine Specialist. This article by Dr. John Douillard explains how to boost the digestive system and cleanse the liver:

Here are some examples listed in the following articles of people who have a B12 deficiency:

Are over age 50, have digestive issues, have acid reflux, history of medications, been vegan or vegetarian, have had infections, lack of energy, moody, brain fog, cognitive decline, memory issues, neuropathy, numbness, or are pregnant.

Vitamin B-12 is important, Vit. B-12 in multi-vitamins are not enough, extra vit. B-12 supplements are suggested in this article:

Vitamin B12 benefits mood, energy level, memory and the whole central nervous system.

See me, make an appointment with me for a coaching consult for 1-3 appointments, one appt. per month, try it to help you get on track, see the difference of overall wellness and longevity.

Take care of health by doing regular maintenance every year by taking herbs to help balance overgrowth of Candida. Or take Diatomaceous Earth each week or month for maintenance to help clear their body from toxins. And then replenishing with probiotics is important since health starts with the gut and healthy digestion. Also replenishing with electrolytes, by hydrating is important. Herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years, we learn from ancient wisdom.

Listening to your body, body listening is important, it is an indication and is telling you something, whether too much of something or not enough of something. Practice achieving the balance by following your intuition.

Integrative Health Coaching includes:

Health Coaching for your special situation

Regular Health Maintenance

Postpartum, Post-Natal Care Natural Health Coaching, is for calming, resetting, pain management, taking care of Mother, self care techniques. Did you know Raspberry leaf tea help reset, strengthen and tone the uterus? Epsom salt soaks, grounding/earthing are rejuvenating. Arnica homeopathics can help decrease inflammation, swelling.

Fertility Natural Health Coaching, is for supporting to help strengthen, help detoxing to prepare immune system for fertility. Did you know there are different teas, spices, herbs to help detox or support and increase immune system for fertility? This helps women that have blockage, endometriosis, PCOS, infertility.

See how fast the health results are with natural herbs since they are known to have a faster healing rate time and more nurturing.

Integrative Health Coaching is beneficial for:

Chronic illnesses, acute illnesses, weight loss, memory loss improvement, allergies, speeding up healing from any health obstacle, overall health maintenance.

The integrative health plan can be for 3 months with week breaks, or 6 weeks with week breaks, alternating different herbs, natural supplements. This is a minimalistic approach.

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Pets Integrative Health Coaching:

Pets Integrative Health Coaching is beneficial for:

Natural healing for your dog or cat. Pet allergies, pet illnesses, overall pet health maintenance.

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Sarah Rachel has a Staying Well Naturally Certificate.

These are only health ideas and suggestions and I understand that my Integrative Health Coach does not diagnose, prescribe or treat physical, mental, or emotional illness and that there is nothing said during the course of the session(s) that could be construed as such.  

I understand that there is no liability on my Integrative Health Coach’s part if any medical problems occur.

I will see a doctor for any mental or physical ailment.



Thanks for helping me find ideas to help get rid of parasites, heavy metals, Candida, I was struggling for years, tried everything and nothing seemed to work, but your ideas did work the best for me. The tests came back clear and I feel so much better. ~D. NC

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