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For those who want a Natural Diet:

Sarah Rachel specializes in Natural Nutrition Coaching.

Weightloss & Wellness Diet- For people who want a healthy diet that supports digestion and the immune system.

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Sarah uses a functional healthcare method that naturally helps restore proper nutrients in the body. Sarah can help locate the imbalance and is proactive to help you restore balance and wellness. Nutritionally either the body has too much of something or not enough of something. Pain or weakness is an indication something is off and we need to give careful attention. Sarah helps us look at the source, root of the condition rather than solely the symptoms.

You can send me your concern, diagnosis, and or list of current medications.
The benefits are that natural nutrition consultation can help restore and strengthen body’s immune system, helps prevent sickness, alleviate condition, low cost, more effective, maintain health for more long term by nurturing the immune system, save time and medical bills.
Helps treat: fibromyalgia, energy blockages in body, colds, flu, digestion disorders, sleep conditions, yeast infections, foot fungus, rash, acid reflux, kidney stones, bladder stones, gout, infections, acne, snoring, headaches, chronic and acute pain, and allergies.
Making things healthier for you: We can arrange taking an inventory of your health style and I can design your natural nutritional health plan. I can make suggestions for more comfortable eco-friendly changes in home and work environment to counteract your condition in combination with a change in diet to help improve your overall health.

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It is understood that my nutritional consultant doesn’t diagnose, or prescribe or promise to treat physical, mental, or emotional illness and that there is nothing said during the course of the session(s) that could be construed as such. It is understood that there is no liability on my natural nutrional consultant’s part if any medical problems occur. I agree to keep my nutritional consultant updated regarding any changes in my medical profile.

Massage Therapy and Natural Nutrition Consultation by Sarah Rachel is located in Siler City in Silk Hope farm community. Providing Holistic Health Services to  Siler City, Pittsboro, Carrboro, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Asheboro, Burlington, Raleigh, Cary, Hillsborough, NC,  27344, 27517, 27707.  Natural Nutrition Consultation serving the whole world including Orlando, Florida, Newton, MA, Danbury, Connecticut, 32836, 06810

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